Was It Viewed?

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We are so sorry for the recent glitch with MailGun that caused some of our users to get dozens of emails recently. We have switched our partnership from MailGun to SendGrid, and it won't happen again.

Quickly generate trackable links.

Want to know if the college you are applying to saw your video? If your job interviewer read your resume? If the news reporter ever checked out your product?



Notes (optional)

Use Bit.ly (Recommended to mask tracking link; may interfere with tracking if public)

Don't notify me of views from useragents containing 'bot' or 'spider' (Recommend as to only be notified of human clicking)

Don't notify me of views from my IP (Everyone on your network might posses the same IP)

Shortened Trackable URL

Long Trackable URL


Was It Viewed allows you to easily track visits to a link. After providing a URL and your email, you will receive a trackable url that, when visited, redirects to the original link and sends an email notification to you. This has plenty of uses. The purpose of the site is to provide the public with a free, powerful tracking tool that provides a streamlined process with no hassle (basic features are free with no registration required). We extend services like goo.gl and bit.ly by streamlining the tracking straight to your inbox with information about the viewer ranging from IP Address and city location down to which browser and even which operating system they use.

Uses / Features

WasItViewed can be used in many different ways, and it's great for its simplicity. It can be used as a very powerful marketing tool, or as a simple way of knowing when to follow up with interviewers or admission officers.

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